What should I expect on the day of the cataract eye surgery procedure?

Before you actually have the cataract procedure we need to assess your eyes.

An assessment including multiple advanced diagnostic tests will be undertaken by our technical and medical staff on the day of your consultation. These tests will include the following:

  • VISUAL ACUITY to understand how far down the eye chart you can read.
  • LENSOMETRY measures the strength of your glasses.
  • REFRACTION determines the refractive error in your eyes.
  • PACHYMETRY measures the thickness of your cornea.
  • TOPOGRAPHY generates advanced maps of the cornea to provide a contour plan of the front surface of the cornea. (This aids in the diagnosis of astigmatism and the exclusion of certain diseases).
  • BIOMETRY utilizing laser diagnostic technology, measures the axial length, curvature and chamber depths and size of your eye.This information is critical to aid your surgeon in selecting the most appropriate intraocular lens to implant at the time of your cataract surgery.
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is an advanced diagnostic technique which provides unprecedented detailed images of the Retina.

You will then consult with your cataract surgeon Dr Binetter.

He will assess the stage of your cataracts and your suitability for surgery, taking into account your diagnostic tests and and your individual visual need.